Kinsetsu has joined the UK Healthcare Pavilion as a HealthTech solution provider.

1 April 2021

This SME attains traction on UK Healthcare Pavilion, a widespread platform. You’ll also read the UK’s most prestigious private healthcare providers, highlighting why millions of people are seeking further digital innovation and choose the UK each year as the place to access world-class treatment.

Belfast based IoT solution provider Kinsetsu has joined the first ‘UK Healthcare Pavilion’ through an Invest NI initiative. Developed by the Association of British HealthTech Industry (ABHI) in partnership with the Department for International Trade (DIT), the UK Healthcare Pavilion is a year-round online platform that provides a virtual front door for the UK Healthcare and Life Sciences sector.

At Kinsetsu we understand organisations are continually challenged to find better ways to manage processes. Traditional approaches are being pushed to their limits. At scale, we empower individuals, departments and organisations to work better. We use sensors and software to locate your assets, so you don’t have to.

The UK Healthcare Pavilion aims to be the most comprehensive healthcare showcase of UK companies, stakeholders and healthcare providers available and the ‘go-to’ resource for overseas customers looking for UK solutions.

Kinsetsu were delighted to be put forward to join the Pavilion by Invest NI with the aim of increasing export opportunities. This platform will provide overseas buyers with a simple and intuitive way of identifying and engaging with Northern Irish digital healthcare providers.

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