Kali Care has developed and deployed a remote monitoring cloud based platform targetting COVID-19

23 March 2020

Kali Care has developed and deployed a remote monitoring cloud based platform targetting COVID-19. 

They have also connected devices that collect data, but their platform is device agnostic and they can collect data  from any connected devices. 

Their devices measure medication-intake, humidity, and temperature of a room in continue and in real time. 

They use 4G system that means no internet or WiFi is required that’s why they can be deployed very quickly in remote areas and for elderly and low income population without internet or Smartphone.

What they can provide is their IoT cloud based platform to collect data and share them with defined entities such as hospitals or health providers.

It minimizes size requirement of health care personnel team by automating manual tasks associated with monitoring large volumes of patients.

Kali is based in the US but their platform is global and currently deployed in 23 countries in Europe

To find out more: www.kali.care, [email protected]

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