Join CONNECTINGHEALTH’s Digital Health Ecosystems Map

14 September 2022

Join CONNECTINGHEALTH’S Digital Health Ecosystems Map by completing this form!

CONNECTINGHEALTH, the EU-funded preparatory action coordinated by the ECHAlliance, seeks to facilitate the networking of digital health ecosystems in and around Europe to strengthen the future of Digital Health in Europe and beyond.

One of our tasks is to map the digital health ecosystems in the region and we want the end result to be inclusive and useful for all key actors who may need to search and connect with digital health ecosystems.

We have opened our mapping strategy and would like to know what you think about the criteria for ecosystem’s inclusion, visualisation and overall map design. You can review our strategy and complete this survey to give us your feedback as an end user of the map.

Also, if you are a digital health ecosystem you can join our Digital Health Ecosystems Map by simply filling in a few details. Complete this form now and take advantage of this networking and connecting opportunity!

You can follow CONNECTINGHEALTH’S latest activities on Linkedin and on Twitter.

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