Japanese innovations for longevity: international study tour by Age Friendly Portugal

21 September 2022

Age Friendly business association is now promoting its first innovation expedition to know the most innovative solutions to promote better age and longevity in Tokyo. If you are interested, please send them an email to [email protected]

Their business association follows Portugal international economy strategy and promote this expedition to Tokyo with the following objectives:
• Explore the Japanese health and aged-care systems and approaches, between tradition and modernity;
• Explore innovative models of elderly care and active ageing;
• Exchange among peers about the opportunities and challenges linked to inclusive care models;
• To take a time-out from your daily practice and replenish yourself with inspiration and energy;
• Expand your professional network and exchange with like-minded colleagues
We want to work and congregate more European/non European partners to develop an international network of companies focus on the Longevity Economy

Discover more about Age Friendly Portugal:

Age Friendly Portugal business association is a non profit organization with the purpose to develop longevity economy in Portugal, connect all kind of organizations focus on age and longevity to promote sustainability and economic grow.

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