IraSME: 24th call for funding proposals

2 July 2019

Deadline: 25th September 2019

The 24th IraSME call is organised and funded by national and regional ministries and agencies participating in the IraSME network through their respective funding programmes. It is important for all project partners to consult with their local agencies at an early stage during the preparation of the proposal in order to secure compliance with the applicable national and regional criteria.

What we fund:
  • Development of new products, processes or technical services.
  • Technical development from first idea to last not marketable prototype.
  • R&D with significant technical risks for each funded partner.
  • Minimum constellation: 2 companies from 2 participating countries/regions.
  • Eligibility rules, application and funding details vary between countries/regions.
The participating countries / regions in this call:
  • Belgium (Flanders / Wallonia)
  • Canada (Alberta)
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Luxemburg
  • Russia
  • Turkey

Austria did not yet confirm the participation in the 24th Call. Please contact the local partners for further information. Changes will be updated.

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