Innovation Scouts: Funding webinar

4 February 2021

Funding for innovations
25 March 11.30-13.00

This webinar of Innovation Scouts is open to all, exploring sources of funding for innovation and where to find the right advice and guidance. It will also demonstrate the value of benefits realisation tools and showcase examples of innovations in our region which have received funding.

At the funding webinar, we will be joined by innovators and leaders in each field to bring you information and provide a platform for collaboration. Updates on speakers on the webinar will be given closer to the date. 

This webinar will be exploring the following points on funding:

  • Where do I look for funding that supports innovation? Is there any advice/guidance to help me apply for funding and resources?
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your innovation using benefits realisation tools.
  • Identify the main national funding bodies.
  • Define how funding has supported innovations in the region.

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