Implementation of a (new) technology: The miniguide inspired on the findings in the DISH Learning Innovation Unit Concept

15 February 2021

The Erasmus+ DISH project‘s activities and currently achieved results have inspired the development and publication of a miniguide to smoothen the successful implementation of new technologies in the health and care sector.

The Danish national cluster Welfare Tech, partner of DISH and coordinator of the ECHAlliance Southern Danish ecosystem together with the Southern Danish Innovation Centre, is the creator and producer of the miniguide that bases its contents on one of the three DISH concepts, the Learning Innovation Unit (LIU).

The LIU is an organisational concept providing a framework for multidisciplinary collaboration, regarding the obtainment of digital skills and competences. It is practiced as multidisciplinary preparatory meetings between all relevant stakeholders, i.e. managers, IT specialists, healthcare professionals and possibly the company supplying the technology, to facilitate the implementation and use of the new technology and to define the framework for the training.

Welfare Tech’s miniguide consists of 8 steps, which must be seen as domains that thematically bring together the many challenges that arise in connection with the new technology’s implementation. Each of the 8 domains contains several questions that the new implementation can pose and that users should address.

As each implementation process is unique, the miniguide’s user is driven from one domain to the other taking inspiration from the proposed “guided tour” and being invited to include in each step the specific challenges relevant to the technology to be adopted.

To the take the most out from the miniguide, the user is recommended to jump back and forth between domains as the process progresses and the change is initiated. The more the user becomes aware about the change management process that the technology’s implementation will cause, the more he/she will become wise in understating the needs and the new challenges the adoption and current use of the new technology will provoke.

The mini-guide in its entirety, introduction and a section for each of the 8 domains, can be enjoyed here.


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