HSBC £15bn lending fund

2 February 2022

The cash boost to help you realise your ambitions.

Since we launched our SME fund in 2014, we’ve committed more than £75bn to UK SMEs to help British businesses innovate, evolve and grow.

This year’s fund has increased by £1bn from last year, reflecting our commitment to supporting businesses through economic uncertainty and the Covid-19 pandemic. For those companies exploring opportunities overseas, the ring-fenced pot for international businesses of £2bn, the agriculture sector of £1.2bn, tech sector of £500m and franchise businesses £500m.

Come in and have a chat about how, together, we can help you get to where you want to be.

See our Credit and Lending section for more information.

* Available for businesses with a turnover of up to €50m.

Turn your challenges into opportunities

Whether you’re an HSBC customer or not, you can apply for your part of our £15bn lending fund. Being allocated to regions across the UK, it’s testament to our commitment to helping smaller companies shine.

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