HiGHmed will base its open platform approach on Better Platform

6 May 2019

ECHAlliance member, Better, has won the tender to deliver openEHR Clinical Data Repositories to build the HiGHmed platform for three university hospitals in Germany: Heidelberg, Göttingen and Hanover.

HiGHmed joins forces to create three Medical Data Integration Centers (MeDICs) based on a generic and scalable reference architecture for integrating data from care, research, and external sources, which will facilitate the development of new solutions for medical data analytics benefitting clinicians, patients and researchers. HiGHmed will develop a joint cross-institutional reference architecture based on relevant existing standards such as IHE, openEHR and FHIR.

The Better Platform, an openEHR based clinical data repository, will provide the required capabilities for the management of structured clinical information, and support integration between individual deployments using IHE XDS profiles. The HiGHmed reference architecture, based on the Better Platform, will be scalable and open for adoption by additional partner hospitals and to solution developers to provide innovative applications, e.g. for data integration or analytics.

Tomaž Gornik, Better CEO: Winning the tender to provide the openEHR based clinical data repository proves yet again that the Better Platform can provide a solution for building truly effective and sustainable open architectures, thereby responding to the need for vendor-neutral data persistence, such as utilizing a common schema or a set of archetypes and rules for managing structured and unstructured data.

Dr Matthias Gietzelt, Peter L. Reichertz Institut für Medizinische Informatik Hannover: In HiGHmed, we enhance the capabilities of our hospital information systems through an open platform approach, allowing us to establish interoperable, data-driven eHealth solutions across several university hospitals. With its proven capabilities to provide openEHR and IHE XDS functionalities inside large-scale infrastructures, we found the Better Platform to be a well-suited software solution to meet HiGHmed’s demanding requirements.“

About Better

The core technology solution, the Better Platform, is well-aligned with this vision and is based on openEHR specifications. The OPENeP by Better product (a closed-loop medication management system) is built on top of the Better Platform and follows the same vision. Better is currently present on three continents and in 15 international markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy, and Slovenia.

For additional information, please contact:

Uros Bonsek, Better PR Manager

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