HD Labs proudly announce they are a key sponsor for SolidMcr

3 October 2022

SolidMcr is an emerging Manchester (UK) based and in-person community for Solid Pods and Personal Online Data Stores (PODS). Solid is a technology specification that provides a new model of user-led consent for data-sharing, and both Solid and PODS can power decentralised data solutions and interoperability.

The key ambitions of this community are:

1) To enable access to discussion for a wider audience to engage, network and learn

2) To provide a centralised home for the promotion of use cases, pilots, deployments and ideas

3) To align this community with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) ambition to be a 100% digitally enabled city region

Launched in April 2022, speakers previously welcomed to the stage have been from the likes of BBC R&D, NHS England, CDD Services, Inrupt & Janeiro Digital.

SolidMcr is for all professionals in all sectors who are interested in learning what is next for web technologies; how it will affect workforce skills, what the future of accessing personal data will look like for services and business, impacts upon data security, how citizen populations will benefit from a new data sharing consent model, and it’s a place that encourages members to take part by sharing their insight or project.

Challenges facing a new model of data-sharing consent touch all types of design; data architecture, user interface, web development, and regulation, to name a few, so we encourage all types of professionals to join SolidMcr.  

SolidMcr events are in-person, however, there are recordings of the events available to watch on the SolidMcr Vimeo channel. People are also encouraged to join the SolidMcr LinkedIn group to get notifications of future events and other announcements, start conversations with other members and network online.

2022 Calendar: save the date of Thursday 24th November

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