Have you been physically active during the lockdown? Help SmartWork project to collect data and improve its services

15 June 2020

Being forced to work from home during the lockdown has changed our behavior. Some people used this time to become more active and start running, practicing yoga or pilates at home, others stopped exercising and developed more sedentary lifestyle.

SmartWork partner Roessingh Research and Development (RDD) is performing research to investigate how working from home is influencing the physical activity behaviour during the coronavirus outbreak.

RDD launched a questionnaire (click the button below), available in English and Dutch, that will help researchers to better develop the SmartWork Artificial Intelligence System.

As Miriam Cabrita (researcher at RDD) said “The SmartWork project was one of the strongest motivators to perform this research as the current situation is forcing flexible work (as in work-from-home), one of the use cases in our project. By learning about what motivates and blocks people to be physically active during this period of working from home, we hope to get insights on how to better personalize the physical activity interventions in the healthyMe service.”

We will share more information about the healthyMe service very soon, stay tuned!

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