Growing and Connecting – ECHAlliance International Digital Health Ecosystems

20 August 2019

We have been busy building new content for our new website on ECHAlliance International Digital Health Ecosystems to provide more content on our ecosystems as well as more information on how to get involved in and participate in an Ecosystem.

Already as you will have seen in our previous newsletters has been a great year already with a record 4 brand new ecosystems opening in Breton (France), Cluj Napoca (Romania), Basque Country (Spain) and the South West of England (UK) already this year. The rest of the year plans to be just as exciting if not more so as we are currently working closely to open more brand new ecosystems in Finland (during their EU Presidency), Sweden, Spain, Australia and Italy with many others starting to build momentum and grow.

Our Director for Ecosystems, Andy Bleaden said: 

“It seems as if 2019 will be the year where our International Network of Digital Health Ecosystems will grow and grow as more regions recognise the value of collaborating, breaking down silos and internationalisation of Digital Health….we at ECHAlliance are really excited about this and are working hard with our partners to build and develop their ecosystems”

All of this will lead to more Ecosystems which in turn will grow our connectivity and that of our members which as a member organisation is vital to us to grow as the Global Connector for Digital Health.

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