Gravitate Health website is officially online!

22 March 2021

We are very excited to announce the launch of Gravitate Health newly website.

Designed by MindView, with the collaboration of Datawizard and ECHAlliance, the project’s website is a virtual space with the aim to provide our visitors with a modern graphic design, dynamic and lively to offer better navigation and to introduce more about Gravitate Health work and learnings.

This virtual space will allow users to better engage with the whole healthcare innovation community and be up to date with the latest results and achievements of the project, as well as about its events, hackatons and workshops.

The project partners are progressing in collecting requirements from users and healthcare professionals, through a broad interview process. The Advisory Board is being settled and the engagement process of eleven ecosystems from several regions of the world is advancing at full speed.

Gravitate Health in a nutshell

Gravitate Health is an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project led by Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo and Pfizer. Running by a consortium of 39 partners, its aim is to develop a digital health information tool called the Gravitate Lens (G-Lens). As the name suggests, the G-Lens will focus (but not conceal or filter) approved information on medicines and guide patients to understandable, trustworthy, up-to-date information that meets the patient’s needs and fits with their health context and literacy levels. The functionality of the G-Lens will be supported by an open source digital platform.

In addition to the open source platform underlying the G-Lens, the project will produce a white paper on the future use of digital services like electronic product information can be used to further minimise the risks associated with incorrect adherence to advice on medicines.

Gravitate Health services and G-lens will be developed and tested within the project, using an evaluation framework to test the efficiency, efficacy, and safety of Gravitate-Health services. Gravitate Health’s main objectives are:

  1. to develop an integrated, digital, user-centric health information solution with two-way communication for the public, so that health information from a set of trusted sources is available and understandable, such as the package leaflet content and EHR-IPS (International Patient Summary).
  2. to promote adherence to treatment, safer use of medication (Pharmacovigilance), better health outcomes and quality of life through improved availability and understanding of health information.

Want to learn more about Gravitate Health project? Then visit the website and follow #GravitateHeath on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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