Gnomon’s eHealthPass platform empowers citizens for COVID-19 immunization in Ireland

9 February 2021

Gnomon Informatics SA utilizes the eHealthPass.XDS (IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing) cloud native platform. The platform is running in Azure and it is providing fully interoperable, standards compliant, HSE Ireland central health infrastructure that will further pave the way for the establishment of an open eco-system where any third-party system can seamlessly exchange information by leveraging the IHE interoperability standards.

In addition, Gnomon Informatics SA is providing the flagship product eHealthPass, a patient centered solution that enables citizens to manage their own health data. In the context of Ireland, eHealthPass will enable Irish citizens to view their immunization related documents as well as to carry with them and to present, where required, the smart COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

This collaboration further strengthens the position of Gnomon Informatics SA as healthcare interoperability leader and demonstrates once more the capacity of our company to provide essential healthcare IT solutions in a timely manner for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic at a national and international level.

Contact Person:
Korina Papadopoulou
Gnomon Informatics SA
+30 210 7001635
[email protected]

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