GMDVA is Helping 100 Doctors In Underserved Countries Get Crucial Digital Health Skills

3 October 2022

GMDVA has launched a campaign to upskill 100 doctors in digital surgery in five underserved countries (Nigeria, Turkey, Philippines, Pakistan, Iraq).

This donation campaign will enable doctors in developing areas to make surgeries affordable, accessible, and available. Millions of patients are currently on waiting lists for surgeries or have not access at all. GMDVA is working to create the future we all want to see!

Discover more about GMDVA:

GMDVA is a global non-profit medical association with the mission to validate doctors, vet and verify therapies, treatments, digital health technologies, CME/CPD program content & certifications to make medicine universally available, accessible and affordable around the globe. GMDVA focuses on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs including education, health and well-being by supporting doctor, healthcare professional, medical school and patient learning, as well as, providing volunteer doctors and working towards a positive social impact for health, wellness and well-being for everyone on the planet.

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