GHCP SUMMIT @ Africa Health Business Symposium

November 24 2022 @ Hybrid - Nairobi, Kenya

GHCP Summit @ Africa Health Business Symposium

We are pleased to have partnered with ABH and host the Global Health Connector Partnership Summit at Africa Health Business Symposium under the theme: The role of the private sector in advancing men’s health in Africa. AHBS VII will be a full-day highly interactive hybrid event, on Thursday November 24th 2022, allowing both in-person and virtual participation, welcoming eminent health experts, business leaders and development partners to discuss, share information and provide lessons learned on key areas that affect men’s health in Africa.

 ECHAlliance Group members have discounted registration, please contact  for further details.

Global Health Connector Leadership Award

The Global Health Connector Partnership Leadership award has been instituted to recognize individuals, organizations and governments for their outstanding leadership in Digital Health. This is a unique award and is not given but earned by making an exceptional contribution to Digital Health.

The vision behind the award is to recognize the leadership and pioneering role in policy, program or implementation of Digital Health. We believe that by recognizing the individuals, organizations and the governments, we will motivate others to follow these ‘Role Models’ in implementing digital health.


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November 24, 2022


Dr. Amit N. Thakker President of The Africa Healthcare Federation
Brian O’Connor Global Health Connector Partnership

About Africa Health Business Symposium

The Africa Health Business Symposium (AHBS) is a pan-African conference that sits at the heart of the African healthcare scene. Via AHBS, AHB has set the pace towards constructive working relationships between the public and private sector, creating a more enabling environment for the private health sector on the African continent. Following the February Women’s Health Africa Health Business Symposium (AHBS), AHB is curating the next AHBS under the theme: The role of the private sector in advancing Men’s Health in Africa with the objective to prioritise, explore and strengthen the role of the private sector in advancing men’s health in Africa.

About GHCP:

The Global Health Connector Partnership connects global health communities targeting health inequalities, skills and data.

The worldwide delivery of health and care has become increasingly challenging over recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified demand and capacity issues and contributed to the ever-rising costs of health and care delivery. We are in need of changes: optimally planned services and robust and innovation-driven systems.