Generation 2.0

15 March 2020

In February,, the Slovenian ECHAlliance ecosystem, selected Generation 2.0 of among all the companies that are registered in its innovation register or have entered it by January 31st. a program dedicated to accelerating the progression of digital health solutions into the Slovenian healthcare system. In 2019 the Generation 1.0 was selected, here’s the Generation 2.0.


Sugarbyte with Easycarb – Diabetes Control Platform for Diabetes. The incidence of type 1 and type 2 diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting more than 120,000 people in Slovenia alone. One of the most important tasks of each patient is to deliver as accurate as possible insulin in conjunction with the carbohydrates consumed. Sugarbyte tackles this problem holistically, as a series of solutions that are linked by a single platform. The goal that Easycarb can achieve is slower disease progression and fewer complications in a very large population.

Primarius C.I. with the Primarius solution – rehabilitation, especially after intensive procedures such as heart surgery, depends not only on the doctor’s team, but very much on the patient himself. In a user-friendly way, Primarius provides instructions for the best possible recovery in the form of personalized videos. The goal that Primarius can achieve is to improve postoperative self-care for patients whose compliance with the instructions of physicians is crucial for successful rehabilitation.

Deltahub with Carpio – Carpal tunnel syndrome is the sixth most common occupational disease in the EU, a very common occurrence, especially in people who spend most of their time working on a computer mouse and keyboard. Carpio is an ergonomic pedestal that improves the position of the wrist and reduces the load on the carpal canal and can thus prevent the onset of the disease or alleviate its symptoms. The product is simple but perfectly crafted and is an affordable solution to a potentially very costly and painful problem that can occur if the affected person fails to act on time. Deltahub is comprised of a very young team committed to developing new, similar innovative solutions, including in healthcare. The goal that Carpio can achieve, in particular, is to broaden the awareness of the general public that it is necessary to act early enough for one’s own health.

Nova vizija in consortium with Ipmit and Medicine Ilijaž with Sostop solution – Telemedicine is one of the most desirable digital innovations in Slovenia, with undeniable potential for improving the course of many, especially chronic diseases. has been monitoring and trying to help several projects in this field for several years (among the members of DIH are MKS and Telekom Slovenije’s eCare). The Sostop (Remote Monitoring and Telemedicine Treatment of Patients) solution was first introduced last year. Within one year, the project expanded from one referral clinic to 6 dispensaries. It includes the connection of the ProMedica information system to the Vitabits platform for remote patient monitoring, and companies are proving that they are able to integrate the system with all major primary healthcare information systems in Slovenia. Sostop’s goal is also to broaden the awareness of all physicians and decision-makers in the healthcare system that the time has come to introduce telemedicine solutions in many areas.

And in a special selection, Blub Blub, with Speechblubs – Speech Therapy and Speech Development, directly touches about a quarter of children. Blub Blub solves the problem of congestion of speech therapists, which is difficult for parents to reach on time – in Slovenia, as well as elsewhere in the world, children and parents have been waiting for more than two years! The problem is big because a year of delay in the development of speech and language can also cause a lag in other areas that a child needs to successfully enter school. Speechblubs solves this problem very effectively with the help of an application where the child repeats sounds, words and other exercises provided by the application in the form of video clips of the teacher’s children. Speech Blubs is currently the seventh best-selling children’s app in the US and other English-speaking markets, and is already conquering Latin America. We have identified the solution as a special choice because it will help it especially in clinical validation for the USA, the decision to adapt to the Slovenian-speaking area is also an option for the future. The goal that Blub Blub can achieve is to establish an awareness among healthcare companies that Slovenia is an excellent development laboratory for a leap into the world’s largest markets.

Generation 2.0 will receive support from the in the form of workshops, mentoring through the Think Tank, and advocacy with the regulators in the healthcare system. For more information please write to [email protected].

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