Focus areas for Västerbotten Health Ecosystem

17 June 2021

Areas for future theme events and cooperation with health ecosystem in Northern Sweden.

Focus areas for Västerbotten Health Ecosystem

On May 19, the Västerbotten Health Ecosystem in Northern Sweden arranged an event together with the Support Office for Life Science and Health and Livsmedicin at Umeå University. The event gathered stakeholders in the Ecosystem with the purpose to determine areas of interest for cooperation in the future.  

The main areas for work and events in the near future turned out to be, prevention (especially connected to mental health), cognitive illnesses (especially dementia) and tools for specialised medicine.

September 29, at 1.00 – 3.00 pm, an ECH Alliance theme event around prevention – focusing on mental health, will be arranged as a Zoom meeting. The event will be held in Swedish.  

November 25, at 1.00 – 3.00 pm, another ECH Alliance theme event will be held around cognitive illnesses, focusing on dementia. Also this time, the event will be held in Swedish and as a zoom meeting.


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