FITFILE widens its network across UK & Europe to deliver globally unique health data technology

31 August 2022

FITFILE has recently joined the ECHAlliance, and the company is eager to connect if you’re struggling to see complete, accurate and consistent data on individuals united across silos. FITFILE’s ground-breaking platform brings together health and activity records in fully anonymised or identifiable format. FITFILE is particularly keen to hear from the life science, health payor and health system sectors to tell you more about their fast-growing activity base and to discuss how they can help.

If you’ve ever struggled to see complete, accurate and consistent data on individuals united across sources, one of the ECHAlliance’s newest members, FITFILE, is here to help!

The company is deploying ground-breaking data unification technology for rapidly growing use by innovators in the health system, payor and life science domains

With a focus on the UK and Europe, FITFILE’s proven, highly scalable and globally unique platform is here to help transform health research, planning and care.

How? With complete, accurate and consistent record-level evidence which is quickly and efficiently assembled across data silos, in either fully anonymised or identifiable form.

A small, modern software application within the regulatory perimeter of each data source connected to the FITFILE network serves up better, safer and faster profiles of record level health via two key products detailed below

Use cases include higher-powered real world evidence, faster and more precise study enrolment, more efficient resource allocation and better informed commercial targeting.

Email [email protected] today to discuss how FITFILE could solve your needs.

A globally unique solution that allows you to irreversibly anonymise any data at source and still integrate it across sources at the record level

  • Individuals can never be re-identified

Unlike pseudonymisation or tokenisation, the purpose-built cryptography can never be reversed

  • No need for slow, complex & costly consent 

By anonymising upfront, the solution fully preserves privacy at all times and places data outside the scope of the GDPR

  • Drive higher-powered health research and better-informed health planning

Helping you to unlock vast volumes of data languishing in silos by irreversibly anonymising and uniting at scale

The platform efficiently utilises the same infrastructure but entirely separate processes to ingest any identifiable data and integrate it at the record level

  • For research or planning with consent

Standardised quality-assured united data in identifiable format, delivered in consistent format to anonymised data

  • For legitimate patient care

To help achieve more effective and efficient health care implementations of higher-level research and planning

Discover more about FITFILE:

FITFILE delivers better, safer and faster profiles of record-level health.

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