Find out more about Hyland with these 3 use case scenarios

28 April 2021

ECHAlliance are pleased to welcome Hyland Healthcare as ECHAlliance members. Andy Bleaden – Director for Ecosystems and Membership said “We look forward to working closely with Hyland Healthcare in an ongoing relationship with them. Here you can find out a little more about them”

Hyland Healthcare provides connected healthcare solutions that harness unstructured content at all corners of the enterprise and link it to core clinical and business applications such as electronic medical records (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Hyland Healthcare is the only technology partner that offers a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools, bringing clinical documents, medical images and other clinically rich data to healthcare stakeholders that need it most. This comprehensive view of patient information accelerates business processes, streamlines clinical workflows and improves clinical decision making.

We are happy to be part of ACHAlliance!

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1.     Royal Marsden Case Study – We no longer have to handle individual paper records for individual patients.

Like many hospitals across the NHS, The Royal Marsden is in the midst of a digital transformation journey with an end goal to eliminate paper, improve clinical and administrative workflows, optimize patient care and support research. The Royal Marsden realizes this shift will require much more than the purchase of a new electronic patient record (EPR) platform. Therefore, the hospital is taking a phased approach to digital transformation — one where OnBase, Hyland Healthcare’s enterprise information platform, plays an integral part today and will continue to in the future. 

2.     IM&T University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation reveals Digital secret to success

Adrian Byrne, Director of IM&T at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation said “So, I was talking to someone recently who was thinking of digitizing their place and records and it’s fair to say that if you’re a hospital in the UK right now, there’s probably a lot of paper around. And before you even think about it. I think what you should be doing right now is putting barcodes all over your paper. So, step 1, indexing your paper is really an important thing to get right because it is going to be around for a while. And then as we move forward, we need to think about how we can get from paper onto direct digital entries, so we need a strategy for that. So, first of all, have a strategy for the paper that you have, and then have a strategy for moving off the paper. “

3.     Speeds adoption of healthcare technology: LHCH went from being a paper-based Trust to joint first on the CDMI ranking in just 15 months

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (LHCH) wanted to create one, complete medical record. It needed a solution to automate manual processes that also integrated with Allscripts, without losing any data. In order to continue its seven-year streak as the number one hospital in the U.K. for overall patient care, as well as reach HIMSS Stages 6 and 7, LHCH removed paper-based notes hospital-wide in a single step with OnBase by Hyland.

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