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Webinar: Global Patients Safety Challenge

17th October 2018

Medicines Optimisation Working Group Webinar

“Global Patients Safety Challenge”

Wednesday, October 17, at 13:00 EU time (12:00 GMT or 14:00 EET)

Hosted by Dr Mike Scott, Chair of the Medicines Optimisation Working Group at ECHAlliance
Pesented by Alpana Mair, for World Health Organisation and Neil Williams, for theMOWG

Ms Mair will present the 5 year global project by WHO entitled Medication Without Harm. The global goal of the project is to reduce adverse effects due to errors in medication by 50% in the next 5 years. WHO will engage with different organisations to achieve this noble and ambitiousgoal throughout the world. WHO is welcoming governments, organisations and individuals wanting to contribute to the success of the project.

After her Mr Williams will describe the Action steps that the MOWG plans to make in order to lend the help that our unique network can provide.

The MOWG Action steps are very simple to accomplish, to be delivered over 6 months, we hope the effect will be substantial. This is a call to all ECHAlliance members, you could be an expert, practitioner or just interested in the fields of pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, medication prescribing, medication management or similar. Please join the challenge

How to register?

To watch the webinar please join the Medicines Optimisation Working Group (MOWG) on the Connector by following the link here.

The invite to the webinar will only be sent to those ECHAlliance members who join MOWG. In case you know somebody interested who is not a member, it’s very easy to apply for membership here.

For more information about the MOWG and the upcoming webinar, please write to Gregor Cuzak at [email protected].

Let’s change the world of medication management! 


17th October 2018