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CIVIS webinar series & Summer School: “The patient-doctor relationship in the digital era”

27th January 2022 @ 08:00 22nd June 2022 @ 17:00

The Centre for Innovation in Medicine and The University of Bucharest, in collaboration with CIVIS, is organising a series of webinars entitled ”The patient-doctor relationship in the digital era”, which will take place between 27 January 2022 and 22 June 2022. The impact of social media and influencers on human behaviour and perceptions”. The webinar series is open to students and professors at any of the CIVIS member universities with an interest in the medical system.


The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the many disparities in human behaviour related to health and healthcare. On the one hand, we have the infodemic and on the other hand, the role of online platforms is more important than ever in influencing individual behaviour – this health determinant impacts no less than 36% of our health.

All this background noise (because the patients are first of all citizens, persons) is reflected in the patient’s relationship with the attending physician and on how the patient relates to the healthcare system and sees himself as part of it.

Dr Google phenomenon is a reality, as well as the Peoples’ Advocate, Facebook (specialised in matters of conspiracy theory) and the Cook&Fitness expert, Instagram, that promotes diets for all sorts of diseases or Professor TikTok. If used properly, these platforms can bring a lot of long-term benefits.

Over the coming years, innovations allowed spectacular and almost immediate transformations of society, but the pandemic has highlighted the many disparities in human behaviour related to health and healthcare.

If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to register for our webinar series to better understand the relationship between the patients-doctors-health system in the digital era, and how social media and influencers impact human behaviour and perceptions.


27 January 2022: Introduction: The medical innovations of the present

24 February 2022: Health literacy: why it should be at the base of all health strategies

24 March 2022: How social media influences human behaviour. And vice versa

28 April 2022: The healthy influencers: the positive impact on human health

26 May 2022: The evolution of the patient-doctor relationship through time

22 June 2022: Conclusions: the adaptation of patient-doctor relationship to the digital context

*Dates are subject to change according to administrative issues

Summer School

The webinar series will be ending with a 5-day Summer School in Bucharest, Romania, starting at the end of the webinar series. 20 CIVIS students will be selected to participate in the Summer School from those registered for the series of webinars. Selected students will receive a scholarship to support their travel and stay in Bucharest. The Summer School, titled “Re-inventing the patient-doctor relationship in the digital age”, will be held in Bucharest, Romania, from 22-26 June 2022. To be eligible for the Summer School, students must attend at least 5 out of 6 webinars.

The Summer School will feature lectures from key opinion leaders, workshops, debates and other communication activities on the subjects discussed during the Webinars. More details will come after the selection of participants.

Contact and registration

Register by filling in the following online form: https://forms.gle/6apMRZW1GsdZKUg19 

What you will need to provide upon registering:

  • CV (that includes personal media channels/accounts)
  • Letter of intent (Please include in your letter of intent, the reason you want to participate in our project and 3 influencers or media channels that you use for health and care information)
  • An agreement with the anonymous use of your data (University, Influencers followed and the questionnaire answers) for research purposes.

By registering, you agree to actively attend at least 5 out of 6 webinars and to respond to the questionnaires. The data will only be used for research purposes.

For more details or any questions you might have, please contact Adriana Boata from the University of Bucharest ([email protected]).

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