EUPATI Trains Patients in Medicines R&D and Digital Health

10 May 2021

What is EUPATI?

The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) is a multi-stakeholder, public – private partnership with a mission to empower patients through education. Since its inception as an IMI-project in 2012 and as an established Foundation today, EUPATI provides education and training for patients in medicines R&D. EUPATI aims to increase the capacity and capability of patients and the lay public to be effective and advocates e.g. in clinical trials with regulatory authorities and in ethics committees. 

To date EUPATI’s vision has enabled: 

  • 200+ patient experts trained in the Patient Expert Training Programme graduating to become EUPATI Fellows 
  • 4 million+ EUPATI Toolbox users accessing articles, webinars and key definitions of the A-Z of medicines R&D in 13 languages 
  • 250+ professionals have enrolled in EUPATI’s training courses on patient engagement 
  • 23 EUPATI National Platforms are operating on a local level throughout Europe and globally 
  • 30 partners are now supporting EUPATI 

Patient Expert Training Course

At the end of April, Cohort 4 of the Patient Expert Training programme concluded their 15-month training with a virtual graduation. 53 participants from 28 countries became EUPATI Fellows joining the now 200 + alumni network of patient experts. This training marked the final edition of the so-called EUPATI Patient Expert Programme in its previous form. The Patient Expert Training is now replaced by the EUPATI Open Classroom, providing access to content online in a flexible and more convenient format. 

Coming soon to the EUPATI Open Classroom…

There are currently 4 topics (‘Modules’) available on the EUPATI Open Classroom. 

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Introductions to Medicines R&D 
  3. Pre-Clinical Development 
  4. Clinical Development 

By the end of June 2021, 2 more topics will be added; Regulatory affairs and HTA, and two completely new modules will be coming by the end of this year: Digital Health and Medical Devices. Each Topic contains several ‘Courses’ (Training Units) which a learner can complete online and receive a certificate for (for 8 EUR/Course). You can become a EUPATI Fellow by completing all online courses in the programme. 

You can find out more here.

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