Ente Morale Pio XI: Where Generations Meet Under One Roof

2 July 2021

The Ente Morale Pio XI is a location for senior care, kindergarten (0-3 years old) and private primary school (3-5 years old).

The Ente Morale Pio XI offers an intergenerational point of view. Since 1926, thanks to some private citizens, a kindergarten was built to provide care to the children of poor resident workers in the neighbourhood of Milan.

As time passed, and thanks to the generosity of the population of Bresso, a private primary school and senior care home were built to care for those people in need of help.

The whole organisation is based on Catholic values and incorporates primarily voluntary work. There is a special intergenerational link between senior care home and kindergarten that allows it to be unique.  However, due to the pandemic emergency, it is important to improve the current situation; more is necessary. 

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