Elemental respond further to the remote needs of their customers by converting all face to face training to online

4 May 2020

Elemental respond further to the remote needs of their customers by converting all face to face training to online

Elemental is the platform of choice for over 200 digital social prescribing hubs across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland. In recent weeks, the health-tech innovation company has enhanced the capabilities of it’s platform in response to Covid-19 and since seen an increase in demand from NHS, Housing, Local Government and VCSE organisations, who are all focussing on enhancing, continuing and measuring community support plans during Covid-19.

In parallel with an increase in the demand for Elemental’s platform, came a surge in training requirements to support the onboarding of new users of the platform and so, Elemental has launched the first phase of their enhanced Elemental Online Training Academy meaning Link Workers, GPs, Community Development teams, Housing Officers and Council staff can carry out all of their Elemental training, in their own time and at their own pace, on any device. 

The Elemental Online Training Academy, which comprises self learning tools as well as live facilitated sessions carried out by the Elemental Training Team, is now freely available for all Elemental customers and means implementation and onboarding is now quicker, remotely supported and more effective.

“We are delighted to be launching an enhanced version of the Elemental Online Learning Academy. Due to restrictions in place as a result of Covid-19 and the increase in uptake of our platform by organisations all over the UK we have been working hard to make sure all of our customers are properly equipped to keep up to date with training on all functionalities of the Elemental Core platform. This enhanced version of the academy provides remote training for Link Workers, GPs and community workers to complete, in their own time and at their own pace. In addition to this, we will host two online facilitated sessions which will give us a chance to engage with Referral Handlers in a live session.” – Daynah Taggart, Elemental Master Trainer

“We have found that the Online Learning Academy has been really beneficial. We’ve had to quickly recruit Link Workers in response to Covid-19, so having the ability to have them remotely trained via the academy has meant that we can have them operational within 24 hours and operating as Link Workers.” – Cathy Connelly, CEO Care Merseyside 

There are 4 different training programmes for each user role within the Elemental Academy. These are;

  1. Referral Handler (Anyone that is set up to receive referrals via the platform i.e. Link Workers)
  2. Referral Agent (Anyone that is set up to make referrals via the platform i.e. a GP)
  3. Community Provider (providers of community based in interventions typically across the domains of physical activity, mental health social support and diet and nutrition)
  4. Super User (i.e. Social Prescribing commissioners, managers and coordinators etc)

In addition to our seven core modules for Referral Handlers, Elemental customers will find extra training resources for add-on modules and partnership integrations such as Elemental Self Refer, Insignia PAM score and third-party GP Integrations.

At the end of every programme, learners will be presented with a certificate to confirm that they have completed the training.

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