EHFF and Nordic Health 2030 co-produce five webinars on the future of health and healthcare in Europe.

21 May 2021

Since the end of last year our two sister organisations (e.g. Lars Munter sits on both the EHFF Advisory group and handles communications for the Nordic movement ( ) have developed a collaboration with Ubiquity University ( ), based on the US West Coast, led by Jim Garrison, in their series of webinars ‘Humanity Rising.’

Lars Munter and David Somekh decided to deliver five webinars which were very crowded with presenters (each lasting about 75 minutes) designed to provide a ‘tasting menu ‘ of topics and trends that characterised the European health ecosystem.

The five headline topics were “Health and Humanity”, “Healthier by design”, “Health and the wider ecosystem”, “Our Digital Health”, “Mental Health, longevity and a working future” Links to all the full length recordings of the webinars on YouTube and details of participants and guests can be found on our features page here:

The webinar series was well received and as a result Lars and David have been asked to put on a second series, starting May 20th for five successive weeks, looking at some health issues in more depth. From tasting menu to slow food, as it were.


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