EfficienC is keen to help in anyway possible in tackling the Coronavirus

30 March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 impacts upon the health service and patients, EfficienC Software Group can provide bi-directional patient communication solutions to support Hospitals and GPs with appointment management and re-scheduling, information sharing and electronic delivery of letters to replace hard copy correspondence.

The solutions are based upon SMS technology and use bi-directional, two-way routing to enable patients to respond which adds significant benefit over a simple “fire and forget” one-way SMS service. 

What Does it Do?

The core EfficienC solution uses a 2-way SMS platform to message patients and elicit a response. Patients can be informed of the status of their appointment, i.e. attend, do not attend, attend on an alternative date and receives / presents responses from patients to confirm their receipt, confirmation and / or a bespoke response.

This greatly assists hospitals in managing their outpatient department workload more efficiently and maximises the opportunity for clinical resource to be reallocated to the most urgent areas of the hospital.

This solution can also be used to:

  • Request / verify patients to attend or stay away from the clinical setting (outpatient appointments, GP appointments etc) – includes validation to ensure receipt and response
  • Gather responses from patients on symptoms, wellness, treatment etc
  • Provision, collation and reporting of information and responses from high risk groups / all groups

The EfficienC “Letter Link” solution sends a secure URL to the patient’s mobile device. Upon selecting the link the patient enters the relevant security information to gain access on their smart phone to an electronic version of the hard copy letter that would have been posted. Delivery and open rates are monitored and reported on. For patients with no mobile details, hard copy letters can still be sent to ensure 100% coverage of the patient base In the current climate of COVID-19, patients are increasingly being requested to stay away from the healthcare setting unless urgent treatment is required. The EfficienC solutions ensure clear and direct communication is still possible with patients, at scale.

  • Provide information / documentation electronically to patients on self-management, self-isolation, symptoms, conditions and facilitate data entry and collation from patients
  • Facilitate provision of electronic prescriptions, treatment plans remotely following distanced consultations to negate the need for the clinician to see the patient / hand over documentation
  • Delivery of any letter that would normally require positing
  • Provision of forms electronically to capture any information as required

What you need from our members in the way of assistance?

EfficienC is looking to assist any partners who may require assistance in contacting and managing patient attendances and information flow due to the local impacts of COVID-19.

EfficienC is also looking to assist organisations who may benefit from improved and more efficient correspondence delivery to remove much of the current administration and cost associated with the time-consuming task of sending letters.

Where can people go to find out more

Our website can be found at www.efficienc.ie or please call Steve Avery on 07745750220

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