Benefits of an Ecosystem

We support your health ecosystem because we believe that working hand in hand we create a better connected world where health is about the people

Ecosystem objectives

The main objective of setting up a regional or local Ecosystem is to bring together a community of stakeholders, interested in developing a joint health agenda, aiming to address and find common solutions to challenges facing that specific region. The main benefit of working together in an Ecosystem is the multiplier effect of collaborating in an International Network of Ecosystems.

The goal of an ECHAlliance Connected Health Ecosystem is to create ‘permanent’ mutually beneficial partnerships, which improves the delivery of health and social care at the same time as providing economic benefits. The Ecosystems provide collaborative partnerships working across sectors and have potential to shape and improve the future of health and care services.

Core to the success of the Ecosystem are regular gatherings and working meetings to implement the Ecosystem’s strategic aims, which bring Ecosystem participants together for networking, to share challenges, explore opportunities and deploy connected health. These events could include:

  • Initial awareness raising forum – prior to the establishment of the Ecosystem an awareness raising forum aims to engage potential participants and assess interest, this could act as the launch meeting
  • Quarterly Ecosystem gatherings (events), dates set and publicised in advance with an agenda and theme
  • Roundtable sessions (can be held between the quarterly gatherings) on topics of specific interest to the Ecosystem – with invitations extended to thought leaders/interested parties (enables participants to make a full contribution to discussions on issues of shared concern and to generate ideas for action.)

Get involved

There are a number of quick and easy ways you can get involved. 

  • Attend an ecosystem gathering in your region. Check our ecosystems to see current established ecosystems. 
  • Attend an Ecosystem Gathering in another region or country to hear from exciting multi-sector speakers on a specific health topics. Upcoming events, including the theme of each gathering, can be found here
  • Join us for interesting webinars on a range of topics such as Medicines Optimisation.
  • Join an All-Hands Ecosystem Co-ordinators call and hear what other Co-ordinators are involved in.
  • Become an ECHAlliance member to gain access to topics and speakers covered in previous Ecosystems across Europe and globally.
  • Access our youtube channel to listen to other Ecosystem Co-ordinators share their stories.       
  • Connect with us and find out how to set up an ecosystem in your region and start the journey to reduce the silos affecting healthcare and the economy in your region. 
  • Share information on your Ecosystems priorities, needs and strengths in order to better reach out to effectively and quickly tackling the challenges in your region.

These are  fully open to all and free to attend

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee charged to attend an ecosystem?

No. Our approach is to offer free attendance & popup exhibition

How often does an ecosystem meet in a year?

Most ecosystems meet on a quarterly basis to maintain momentum.

Can I present at an ecosystem and how?

Ecosystems are about showcasing organisations, if possible speaking slots, subject to availability, relevance, timings.

Can Health & Social Care Authorities / Ministries be involved?

Absolutely, having involvement from ministries is really important.

Can an older peoples’ group attend an ecosystem gathering?

Yes please, both Patients & Citizens are at the heart of the Ecosystem and having a wide range of stakeholders is vital to successful collaboration and engagement.

Do ECHAlliance charge a fee for ecosystem set up?

ECHAlliance do not charge a fee. We have a proven methodology and we are keen to work with regions to develop their ecosystem.

How do ecosystems know what to focus on?

The agenda can be informed by regional / nationals digital health strategy and priorities identified.

Can we make international connections?

Across 32 Ecosystems there are many opportunities to make real and effective contacts.


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