Spain – Castilla y León Health Ecosystem


The Castilla y León Health Ecosystem is coordinated by The Castilla y León Health Cluster (BIOTECYL), a non-profit association whose main objective is to make the Community of Castilla y León a magnet for businesses in the field of healthcare, creating a nexus between our members and the different actors in the area.
At Biotecyl we collaborate and innovate to promote the healthcare sector in Castilla y León, by bringing together start-ups and well-established companies, technology centres, research groups, universities, hospitals, clients and the public administration.
Our mission is to contribute to improving healthcare in Castilla y León through innovation, developing joint collaboration projects, sharing good practices and coordinating action in order to form a highly competitive sector both nationally and internationally.
And our vision is to position the Castilla y León healthcare sector as an international benchmark by consolidating Biotecyl as a leading platform on applied innovation in healthcare.


We aim to:

  • Promote and increase R&D&I capacity in the public health and care system in Castilla y León
  • Foster the public-private collaboration in the health and care sector
  • Increase the internationalization of the health and care system in Castilla y León
  • Attract new organizations and institutions of the sector to the ecosystem
  • Consolidate and create links between the different actors

The priority areas in the healthcare ecosystem are the following:

  • Incorporate unique clinical history
  • Healthy aging
  • Patient engagement
  • Technological developments
  • Big Data
  • Hospital 4.0

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Ecosystem Coordinators

Ana V. Pérez Rodríguez
Cluster Manager of BIOTECYL
Laura Sáez Mata

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