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Slovenian health-tech community HealthDay.si along with international ECHAlliance initiative and the Coral Europe network launched the Slovenian ECHAlliance Ecosystem in February 2016.

Its purpose is to bring together all the stakeholders in healthcare in order to enable the creation of projects for better and healthier lives of all citizens, as well as the facilitation of new employment and business opportunities.

What else to know

DIH.HealthDay.si, hub for digital innovation in healthcare

In 2019 HealthDay.si have expanded their ecosystem activity by preparing a DIH program that has the goal to help 5 Slovenian digital health innovations become reimbursed by the health insurance in Slovenia. For this purpose we offer companies a year round program of workshops, we give them mentoring and provide consultancy. Additionally, we engage in dialogue with the regulators to open up more to innovation and digital innovation. In the next years we will shift our focus to include internationalisation into our program also.

The ecosystem’s goal is to motivate Slovenian stakeholders to bring such solutions to life here to


The main goal of the community is to help each other in entering international markets. Towards embracing change through cooperation and introduction of digital solutions the idea is to stimulate the local health and social care community.

Ecosystem Coordinators

Mojca Cvirn

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