Our vision is to build a Canada-wide network of stakeholders empowered to connect, collaborate, and build cost-effective, relevant, patient centric outcomes.

We aim to optimize Canadian healthcare by connecting provincial healthcare organizations from government, academic medicine and industry and thereby expanding resources, reducing costs and solving complex healthcare problems faster than any one group alone.


By connecting healthcare organizations from around the globe, the Alliance’s International Market Access Program allows ecosystem members in Canada and Europe to exchange information, products and services and to build solutions to complex problems in the delivery of quality health and social care much faster than any one organization alone. Moreover, overseas healthcare organizations can now connect with market opportunities in Canada and vice-versa.

The Canadian Integrated Health Alliance, a unique not-for-profit association, launched the Ontario Healthcare Ecosystem in Toronto. The “Canadian Alliance” connects provincial and national healthcare organizations with direct access to 500+ healthcare organizations and 16,000+ members across 40 countries through Europe, USA, and China

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