Mexico - Ecosistema Conectado de Salud en Mexico Cluster Medico Jalisco


Be an organization able to solve the different health problems and challenges facing our society by linking businesses, academia, society and government, in order to develop and get to market patient-centred solutions based on the application of science and technology in innovative ways.

Valuable network of stakeholders: Strength the life sciences, healthcare, biotechnology, medical devices, Tech Transfer Office IT, startups and others

How do we do it?

– Linking the actors of the quadruple helix
– All stakeholders collaborating together under a common and neutral platform.
– Reaching objectives and results far beyond the limits each of us have.
– Think Globally & Act Locally.
– Key partnerships( international cooperation)
– Local, State, Regional, National & International.
– Win-win approach.
– Open door policy.


We are a Non-Governmental Organization that articulates the quadruple helix by finding areas of interest and common needs to stimulate them in favor of the health of the population with an holistic view.

Working groups

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (TEC) , Centros Conacyt : CICESE, CIATEJ, OTT Pragmatec, Alianza para Seguridad del Paciente.

Ecosystem Coordinators

Georgina Garcia MD
Ecosystem Coordinator
Víctor Sánchez Trejo
Medical Devices Coordinator
Dr. Salvador Villarreal Reyes, PhD
Artificial Intelligence Coordinator
Dr Gabriel Alejandro Galaviz Mosqueda, D.Sc
ICT´s Coordinator

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