France - Health Ecosystem of Bretagne


The ECHAlliance Health ecosystem of Bretagne has been launched in 2019. Our ecosystem combines public as well as private health stakeholders working together. The aim is to develop the health sector and promote innovation for a more predictive, preventive, personalized and participative medicine.

Bretagne ranks 4that the French level regarding most dynamic regions in the e-health sector (Health&Tech studies, 2017). The main strengths relate to assisted living, diagnostics, mental health, data management, cybersecurity, interoperability and, last but not least, image guided therapy.


The objectives of the ecosystem are to partner with other stakeholders in Europe and beyond on the main topics mentioned above, to support innovation and to meet the societal challenges related to human health.

Other topics of interest are patient engagement, data sharing ethics and regulation, integrated care and artificial intelligence.

Working Group Members

Working group members will be featured here when available.

Ecosystem Coordinators

Adeline Jacob
European Projects Manager

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