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The Greek health care system features a mixture of public and private services and funding. In Greece, coverage for health services by social insurance organizations (EOPYY: the single insurance fund and buyer of healthcare services) and the ESY (the integrated National Health System: administered directly by the State and delivering most hospital services as well as primary healthcare) is ostensibly full and universal.

Supplementing this public system is an abundant supply of private services provided by independent medical offices, diagnostic centers and hospitals.


About our Greek Digital Health Ecosystem Coordinator

The “e-Health and Cross Border Care” Sector represents one of the 14 Sectors of the newly established Medical Research Institution of Panhellenic (Greek) Medical Association (PMA). The Institution was established with the initiative of the Management Board of PMA (Law 4316/2014, art. 61) as legal entity of private law, with main aim to function as advisory body for the configuration of science based policies for PMA, that consists of the highest institutional medical representative body.

PMA is the central coordinator body and the supervising authority of all the doctors and medical associations in Greece (60 medical associations ~70.000 doctors). It functions as legal entity of public law and as institutional advisor of the Ministry of Health.

The Institution of Medical Research consists of 14 Sectors and its aim is the study of scientific issues in the area of health policy, such as public health, mental health, e-health Governance, drug policy, e.t.c. The Institution is administrated by a Management Board of 21 members, headed by an Executive Secretariat of 7 members. Each Institution Sector consists of 10-15 experts and is supported on administrative levels by PMA services. 

e-Health and Cross Border Care Sector – Institution of Medical Research of Panhellenic (Greek) Medical Association – (IMR-PMA)

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