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KEHO – Central Finland Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem brings together operators and experts on social welfare, healthcare and physical activity. With the help of interdisciplinary co-operation, we aim to improve and promote health and wellbeing.
The sources of wellbeing are diverse and vary across individuals and during the course of life. We improve wellbeing through social participation and welfare, health promotion, sports, physical activity, rehabilitation, health-related business and research.
KEHO benefits from the exceptional strengths of Central Finland: we excel in cooperation, research on social, health and sports sciences as well as diverse wellbeing-related expertise, and have a wide variety of health-related businesses and third sector operators in the area.


Central Finland aims to provide quality of life and good health for the whole lifespan. In order to meet this goal, Central Finland is developing a unique model in enhancing health and wellbeing. This preventive model of wellbeing will also limit costs as healthier individuals will need less of expensive medical care.

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Dr. Päivi Fadjukoff
Head of Central Finland Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem

KEHO YouTube: Citizens’ Views to Wellbeing

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