Croatia - AI4Health Ecosystem


We are a not-for-profit public-private consortium driven by a desire to be the force behind tectonic changes in how healthcare works in Croatia and the broader EU. We see advanced technologies, especially AI, as a catalyst for taking Europe into a healthy future[H1] . To do this we need a strong ecosystem of startups and tech innovators to fuel the digital transformation of healthcare systems and medicine of tomorrow.

Our vision is of a European Union that, in 20 years’ time, will look back and be proud of its decision to develop and apply AI solutions to transform how healthcare works – for patients, for doctors and for innovators.


Enabling Croatian and European AI startups and innovators to TEST their products, LEARN new skills, NETWORK with the ecosystem and FUND their ideas, thus improving the digitalization of healthcare system(s). All seamlessly, and in the same place.

Ecosystem Coordinators

Milly Doolan

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