Argentina - Ecosistema de Salud Conectada


Our main objective is the creation of a community in the health area, in which people can talk about local needs and put into practice Connected Health IT solutions.
This community will belong to everyone. It will be open, inclusive and free for all participants interested in these topics: government, universities, health providers, prepaid health companies, laboratories, IT solutions providers, startups and others.


  • Gather professionals, companies and organizations and enable them to work together to offer intelligent solutions and services to the healthcare system.
  • Help to make transparent and publicize the health system needs that can be solved with the application of technology.
  • Be a bridge between the capabilities of our ecosystem and others established in the rest of the world, taking our local solutions abroad and bringing foreign ones to our country.
  • Promote efficient, innovative and disruptive technologies to improve productivity in the healthcare area.

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Ecosystem Coordinators

Diego Rinaldi
Ecosystem Coordinator
Johni Fisher
Ecosystem Coordinator

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