ECHAlliance welcome new Foundation Partner Xerox

13 February 2020

ECHAlliance are extremely pleased to welcome Xerox as our latest Foundation Partner. Xerox have a clear commitment to improve the experience for patients and citizens in healthcare. Their clear plan to inform, onboard, serve and most importantly satisfy patients in healthcare is a welcome breath of fresh air and shows a patient and needs led approach which is vital in Digital Health Care. 

Andy Bleaden our Director of Ecosystems and Membership said

“We look forward to working closely with Xerox across our Global Network and helping them connect up with as many of our members as possible over the coming years.”

Speaking of this announcement Miguel Pavão Nunes, Global Offer Lead Healthcare from Xerox said:

“By joining the globally connected network for Healthcare, we look forward to sharing our successes learn from the success and challenges of others in what are the objectives of improving the patient experience.”

2020 Patient Experience Best Practices:

Digitise and personalise communications for improved outcomes

As a healthcare organisation, you know that patients are demanding more interaction and they also want to select their preferred communication vehicle – email, website, text, live chat, and of course speaking to a real live human. Couple this with the explosive growth of ageing populations, overstretched staff and resources, an overwhelming amount of solutions in the marketplace to evaluate while finding a way to leverage current investments. Finding the right answer isn’t easy.

Comprehensive Patient Communication Services

Xerox helps our healthcare clients create a digital journey which is safe, secure, high-quality and caters to both patient experience and clinician needs. Healthcare organisations must begin by assessing their digital ecosystem as a whole – precisely how data, technology and communication models are connected and applied – to architect a consistent patient experience across channels.

Text Box: Figure 1 – Patient Journey - Xerox® Digital Patient Services
Figure 1 – Patient Journey – Xerox® Digital Patient Services

Why Partner with Xerox?

From, our digital engineers, marcomms experts and change management specialists deliver incremental transformation that controls costs and reduces risk

Xerox® has been working with healthcare providers for decades from digitising and managing millions of patient records, streamlining processes and improving information access to, making sure patients receive the information they need in the most effective format and channel. Our information management tools can help you realise process efficiencies, personalise communications & interactions that comply with regulations. 

Providing multi-function printers and copiers is also a crucial part in providing healthcare industry solutions that help connect all the moving pieces in a complex environment.

When these things work together, the result is improved patient experience.

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