ECHAlliance Team Welcomes New Roles and Leaders

31 March 2021

The start of 2021 has marked the undertaking of new and exciting projects and initiatives. It has also welcomed a number of changes regarding the roles of some key ECHAlliance team members. The shift in titles and responsibilities reflect our desire to strengthen ECHAlliance’s organisational capacity in completing its mission.

After more than 10 years of collaboration with ECHAlliance, Joan Cornet will be leaving ECHAlliance to embark on new endeavours. We have enjoyed our time working with such a great professional and will of course continue to support his new activities. It was also a great opportunity to count on his support and role in the Digital Health Observatory (DHO).

Stepping into the DHO leadership role will be ECHAlliance Board Director Julien Venne. He will also continue fostering relationships and collaborations with our LATAM communities and ecosystems to support Ecosystem & Membership Director Andy Bleaden.

Julien states: “The DHO is an important platform for the ECHAlliance community. It enables our members and partners to share knowledge, innovations, and best practices, as well as co-create a vision that promotes the digital transformation of health and well-being. I’m very pleased and honoured to continue the wonderful work done by Joan these past few years”.

Additionally, in April 2021, Karolina Mackiewicz, an experienced international project manager, accepted the role of International Project Director. She will be leading the 7-member team in charge of executing European projects in collaboration with ECHAlliance; scouting funding opportunities for our members; and supporting the creation of international partnerships and consortia.

Former International Project Director Valentina Tageo will now serve as the International Affairs Director to strengthen ECHAlliance’s policy and international cooperation work. This new position will help ECHAlliance deliver even more impact by supporting partners belonging to the Global Health Connector Partnership as they identify key common interests and lines of work and aim to reinforce synergies and collaboration with EU institutions and agencies.

Brian O’Connor comments: “We believe that these changes will enable ECHAlliance to strengthen and reinforce its services to the community.

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