ECHAlliance presents the Digital Health Society moonshot in Sitges at the HIMSS Europe / Health 2.0

5 June 2018

The big challenges that the healthcare systems are facing were discussed, great innovative solutions have been presented by large corporates or start-ups, but one conclusion is shared among all the participants, the implementation of these solutions is still challenging and sustainable models have still to be defined.

We are living in exciting times, where the digitisation and current technologies (AI, blockchain, -omics, etc…) are changing all models known until now and that data is at the centre of the system. 

The question of Data presents us with this tricky paradox for techs companies (as underlined last week by Mary Meeker in her presentation about “Internet Trends 2018“): provide more and more personalised and tailored services thanks to data, and, at the same time, comply with the data protection regulation (GDPR and others ) and yet protect citizens’ privacy.

It also was an opportunity for the Digital Health Society (DHS) to present its vision for the next years: a moonshot called “100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU citizens by 2027”. Putting a strong emphasis on the human factor and on “humanising digital health”, the work programme of the DHS Task Forces, enabled by ECHAlliance, proposes a series of actions to be taken in key areas such as interoperability, Citizen controlled Data and Data Donors , data governance and the legal framework and the practical learnings from digital transformation. You can see the details here.

The Update session in Sitges let the floor to the DHS community and new comers to ask questions, make comments and interact with each other, in order to progress this agenda and develop a common vision. A formal DHS Board meeting also took place in Sitges, inviting supporters to attend and observe the session in a transparent manner. 

The following been appointed Directors of the Republic of Ireland Registered  DHS (non-profit) legal entity board:

  • Angela Brand, Professor at University of Maastricht
  • Priit Tohver, Digital Services Innovation at Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
  • Bleddyn Rees, Lawyer and Digital health expert at Osborne Clarke and Deputy Chair ECHAlliance
  • Brian O’Connor, Chair at ECHAlliance

The DHS board, plans to add additional Directors  in the next months, to help drive the strategic decisions for the legal entity supporting the Digital Health Society movement.

The DHS will announce shortly several activities in Europe, but also beyond, in China for the Digital Health around the Globe event in Beijing (26-29 September 18)and in Boston ,USA during the Connected Health Conference 2018 (17-19 October 18). 

The DHS movement is open to all organisations or individuals interested in progressing the implementation of Digital Health and the transformation of healthcare. 

Download the DHS presentation here.

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