ECHAlliance host Ecosystem Coordinator Call to Connect the dots with our Coordinators

15 February 2021

In February we set up a coordinator call with our ECHAlliance Coordinators in order to get them better connected with each other as our network as grown and grown over the last 2 years with 25 new Ecosystems joining our network and more joining each month.

The theme this time was around collaboration and connecting the dots within our network and we were pleased that over half of our Ecosystem network took part. We also shared our developing thematic innovation ecosystems and launched our Ecosystem of the Month feature that this month features our Serbian Ecosystem.

Several of our Ecosystem coordinators were invited to showcase their ecosystem in one slide to the others and their unique selling points as ecosystems and we heard from our Ecosystems in Norway, Lithuania, Highlands and Islands as well as Slovenia.

We, then organised a series of smaller breakout rooms so they could then explore collaboration topics together and as a result we have committed to hosting more of these and more often to enable our ecosystems to meet, identify opportunities and connect the dots even more as the feedback we had was that these are really valuable for our Ecosystems and help them and us learn more about their priorities, their networks and their membership as well. We will be repeating these more often as the feedback was great.

Learn more about our Ecosystems here

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