ECHAlliance Group is proud patron for the “RODO and Cyber Security in Health” and “AI in Health” events in Poland

11 May 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’re patrons for the “RODO and Cyber Security in Health” and “AI in Health” events in Poland.  The 4th edition of the RODO in Health conference will be held on 24 May 2022, with new name – RODO and Cyber Security in Health – which fully reflects the character and subject matter of the event. Three weeks later – on 14 June, the 2nd edition of the conference AI in Health will take place.  

The conference RODO and Cyber Security in Health is the largest event on medical data protection in Poland, bringing together the most prominent industry organisations, as well as representatives of the public side. It is worth noting that the subject matter of the event includes issues related to to the security of medical data in a digital environment. The conference is addressed to representatives of medical institutions responsible for data processing and cyber security. 

The event will be held in the online format. Participation in it is free of charge. Importantly, the conference gathers over 600 people each year and is the central forum for discussions about RODO in health. 

The AI in Health Conference is the first such large-scale event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to artificial intelligence and innovation in health. The co-organiser of the event is the AI in Health Coalition – an organisation acting for the development of artificial intelligence in the Polish healthcare system. Last year’s edition of the event brought together many significant communities and institutions, including distinguished panelists from the UK, Bulgaria and Hungary. A year ago, the conference was attended by a total of 3,000 people (in-person and online). The event is a response to the staggering technological changes in the field of AI, which also has a transformative impact on the healthcare system, research development and direct patient care. The “AI in Health” conference will be held in a stationary format in Warsaw (venue is being confirmed). Participation in the event is free of charge. During the conference very important documents for the health sector will be presented. The first of them is a White Paper – guidelines for using AI solutions in healthcare, developed by the AI in Health Coalition, Partners and other stakeholders – also including public consultations. The second document is the Top Distruptors in Healthcare report, inventorying the Polish startup market in the area of life sciences.

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