The 3rd call Reference sites of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) is proving to be one of the key initiatives of the European Commission in the field of digital health and care, after its first round in 2013, second in 2016, and now its largest so far, third. It is aimed at fostering innovation and digital transformation in the field of active and healthy ageing. At ECHAlliance we are very proud to see that almost half of our international ecosystems have been awarded a Reference Site rating.

4 of the top 6 sites that were rated as 4 star rated sites with “Special Recognition for Excellence” are in the ECHAlliance international network of ecosystems. These are: Catalonia, Basque Country, Southern Denmark and Scotland. Further 7 of our ecosystem were lauded with the 4 star rating. They are: Oulu, Northern Ireland, Valencia, Galicia, Manchester, Coimbra and Wales. Altogether 15 of our ecosystems were honoured. On average our ecosystems received 3.8 stars versus the overall average of 2.8.

Brian O’Connor, Chair of ECHAlliance said:

“We’re delighted and thrilled by the success we’re seeing in so many of our ecosystems. Their openness and international connections are essential to their success.”

The map of EIP on AHA Reference Sites with ECHAlliance ecosystems is available on our map here. For the official EIP on AHA list of 77 Reference Sites click here.

The 2019 call for Reference Sites has now been extended, the deadline for application is December 16th 2019, for more information check the website here.

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