ECHAlliance delighted to announce participation in four newly started EU projects

8 January 2019

We are extremely happy to share more details about 4 EU projects that were recently granted funding and that ECHAlliance will be implementing during the next 3 years:

DISH – Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health

The ECHAlliance is thrilled to be part of DISH, an Erasmus+ Project that stands for “Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health”. As one of the eight partners involved, ECHAlliance and the project leader, the South Denmark European, Office (SDEO) will be looking into the present and future skills needed in order to succeed with the necessary digitalisation of the health and care sector. On the basis of this analysis, they will develop, test and present different concepts which will provide health care staff with innovation readiness and digital skills, enabling them to better see the opportunities in how and where to apply eHealth solutions. The project aims to providing real-life solutions to everyday situations, therefore the trainings will be presented as a “on the job training concept”, where simulation in a secure and less stressful environment is an important aspect.

The ECHAlliance is leading all the dissemination for the project. All dissemination activities are organized on two levels: at the European level and the local level. At the European level, a European reference group will be created, and regular meetings with the group will be held in Brussels, and co-organised by the lead partner well as ECHAlliance and the European Health Management Association (EHMA).

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ECHAlliance’s is very much looking forward to further develop its engagement towards the DigjtalHealthSociety with a new project: DigitalHealthEurope is a 2-year Horizon 2020 project led by empirica (Germany) that provides support to the digital transformation of health and care (DTHC) priorities of the Digital Single Market. Together with 15 further partners originating from 8 different EU-states, the ECHAlliance is working towards a large-scale deployment of digital solutions for person-centred integrated care by identifying, analysing, and facilitating the replication of highly impactful best practices. Over 40 “twinnings”, ranging from adaptation of high-impact best practices to full adoption, will be carried out. A funding advice service and capacity building framework will be provided to further stimulate deployment and scale up. Three collaboration platforms will align all efforts of ongoing and future initiatives supporting the 3 DTHC priorities.

Beyond its overall involvement in scaling up deployment, the collaboration platform, vision, communication and management activities of the DigitalHealthEurope project, the ECHAlliance is the responsible leader of two deliverables: the “Report on support to demand and supply” and the “Recommendations and guidelines on citizen-controlled data governance models and data donation campaigns for health”.

EDEN – “Embracing Dementia”

ECHAlliance was delighted to kick off the EDEN project at the end of 2018. EDEN stands for “Embracing Dementia” and fits into the European Erasmus+ Programme. It is motivated by the increasing number of people with dementia in the EU, and the need to have a common approach in Europe towards this important societal challenge. Focusing on adult education, the ECHAlliance and its partners (University College Lillebaelt (UCL), Southern Denmark European Office (SDEO), Stichting Health Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN), Universita degli Studi di Udine, Fundación instituto Gerontológico Matia (INGEMA)) are developing a holistic approach including both professional caregivers, relatives and civil society and their interaction when handling dementia. The project aims at facilitatng a better quality of life for the demented and relatives alike.

As task leader, the ECHAlliance is leading the co-design of policy recommendations as well as the dissemination activities for the whole duration of the project (36 months).

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SmartWork – “Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment” 

ECHAlliance is also very proud to be participating in SmartWork, a 3.98 Million Euro Horizon 2020 project dedicated to ‘Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment’. The Greek project coordinator, Byte, and its partners from eight different countries are looking into a holistic approach for work ability modelling capturing the attitudes and abilities of the ageing worker and enabling decision support for personalized interventions for maintenance/improvement of the work ability. The SmartWork services and modules also empower the employer with AI decision support tools for efficient task completion and work team optimization through flexible work practices.

Over the course of 36 months, the ECHAlliance is supporting the projects’ efforts and enhancing its impact by leading the Dissemination and Exploitation work package including planning, reporting and executing dissemination and communications activities as well as – among others, the mapping of stakeholders and the organization of events. It will further contribute to the overall management of the project and the co-creation and needs’ assessment of the previously identified stakeholders.

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Valentina Tageo

ECHAlliance International Projects Lead 

[email protected]

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