dRural services growing and materialising at the project meeting in Nijmegen

24 March 2022

Last 15 March, the coordination meeting of the European dRural project took place in Nijmegen (Netherlands). In order to align the information between all partners, each of them presented an update of the work packages of the project. Furthermore, the next steps to develop the 4 marketplaces for rural services were designed: Extremadura, Jämtland Härjedalen (Sweden); Dubrovnik-Neretva County (Croatia) and Gelderland Midden Region (Netherlands). Adiper te cuida, FundeSalud, the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz, the Chamber of Commerce of Cáceres and the Town Council of Los Santos de Maimona represent dRural’s Extremadura partners.

dRural is now marking its 15th month and it’s on the way to achieve the project’s objectives. During the Health Valley event in Nijmegen, in The Netherlands, our partners met on March 15th for a project meeting to discuss a number of important issues, essential to tackling future challenges of the project and to contribute to the common view of dRural.

The meeting started with an update on stakeholder engagement and ecosystem developments led by the University of Twente, followed by discussions on use case requirements and the definition of dRural innovation by BDT and Association of Balkan Eco-Innovations (ABE). The focus of the discussion then moved to business models and sustainability of the dRural concept beyond the project.

The meeting continued with Emergya e Eurob presenting the overall status of the definition of complex services in each region, answering doubts on technological requirements and the development of functionalities.

During the afternoon, regional partners moved around four thematic desks to look at the following key topics:

  • Main arenas identified to be considered in the calls 
  • Technical aspects
  • Business models
  • Exploitation and Impact

What’s next?

Soon dRural will launch the open calls and promote them on the project website. Each Work Package (WP) in the project will also develop complex services and functionalities, complete the design of the dRural platform strategy and determine user requirements.

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