DNV Healthcare programme joins ECHAlliance

31 August 2021

DNV is an independent global expert in assurance and risk management headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Find out how we are leveraging this expertise through our healthcare research programme to advance safety and performance, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle urgently needed transformations in data-driven healthcare.

In DNV, we believe that health data should be interoperable and accessible within a patient-centered ecosystem based on transparency, accountability and trust. Much knowledge stands to be generated from today’s patients and their data, which has the potential to guide treatment tomorrow. Yet fragmented and incompatible data systems and a lack of legal clarification around the secondary use of such data, in particular across national borders, often stand in the way of the development and use of this knowledge.

Through our focus areas of quality and safety in precision medicine, trust in data-driven healthcare, and responsible and trustworthy data sharing, our Healthcare research programme explores needs and develops approaches, methods and tools that support this vision. Specifically, we explore methods within a healthcare environment to:

  • assess trustworthy AI adoption,
  • enable data sharing opportunities through federated data networks,
  • meet patient autonomy needs with dynamic consent,
  • explore quality driven benchmarking approaches in clinical genomics,
  • assure the safe bringing-to-market of new AI medical device software solutions.

We collaborate extensively with stakeholders across the healthcare sector. Some of our current activities involve two Horizon 2020 projects: REALMENT and AI-MIND. In both these projects DNV is involved in exploring and development of trust needs for data sharing and governance.

We are always open to new collaboration opportunities with stakeholders to tackle the coming healthcare transformations. If you are interested in finding out more about our work and discussing ways we could work together please contact us at:

[email protected]

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DNV is an independent foundation with over 150 years of history in assurance and risk management. We use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations.

DNV’s Healthcare research programme works with partners through large-scale public-private research and innovation projects to address the data-sharing and infrastructure needs, legal and regulatory challenges, and gaps in trust that prevent the clinical implementation of precision medicine, AI, and new digital technologies.

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