Digital Health Society Chair Bleddyn Rees Releases Statement on The Crisis in Ukraine

21 March 2022

Bleddyn Rees, Chair of The Digital Health Society, shares the latest stance of the organisation:

“The Digital Health Society is delighted to support the ECHAlliance Ukraine Health Connector. Many people and organisations want to help but it is difficult to do so on their own. The Ukraine Health Connector offers a solution to such a challenge, facilitating connections so people and organisations across borders can collaborate and provide support to those most in need.

At the moment, the Digital Health Society has begun leveraging its network to link digital health businesses/organisations and maximises resources from the telecommunications, pharmaceutical and clinical sectors. 

Moving forward, we will:

  • Use social media along with ECHAlliance to let people know of initiatives and can connect with if they wish;
  • Help ECHAlliance ecosystems in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary in identifying any digital health solutions they need
  • Reach out further to our network to understand who is doing what and connect and enable coordinated actions among those interested in the initiative.

Every little help counts. Together, we’ll be able to make a difference for the people of Ukraine.”

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