Dicerra: A platform that blends aviation reporting culture and healthcare in an anonymous space for all healthcare professionals

16 May 2023

Dicerra is the latest member to join the ECHAlliance community. Learn more about them here.

The Dicerra platform blends aviation reporting culture and healthcare in an anonymous space for all healthcare professionals. We leverage decades of human factors experience to bring our users a bespoke platform that offers a new way of discussing concerns and learning from one another. Dicerra caters to all health regions in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Ireland and Germany. We are pleased to be expanding our services to many more countries soon.

We serve the needs of all healthcare professionals, regardless of specialty or department. We are proud to support an environment where professionals can learn from one another without stigma or fear of repercussions. Truly informed care will improve patient outcomes, and professional work environments.

We also engage with regional health authorities, government departments, researchers, universities, and other stakeholders who can address key trends we note from the submissions of our anonymous users. In this way, we advocate for measures to improve the delivery of healthcare, funding, and education based on the input from healthcare professionals everywhere.

We are growing our footprint into areas where we have no brand awareness. We need to grow our visibility and our network with key organizations so that users can benefit from a large, interconnected community on our platform. Our credibility is very important to us, and we are constantly improving our product so that it properly serves the needs of our end users. Having appropriate feedback channels for what unique features different regions require will help us deliver the best possible solution.

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