Czech Republic: Announcement of the 4th Open Calls from the Fund for Bilateral Relation with EEA and Norway is approaching!

29 March 2022

Ministry of Finance of Czech Republic – National Focal Point for EEA and Norway Grants in the CR will announce the 4th Open Call for submission of Grant Applications for bilateral initiatives under the Fund for Bilateral Relations during April 2022.

Focus of the Call: 100% financial support of bilateral initiatives between the Czech Republic and Norway. Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Iceland or Liechtenstein will be also possible but only in case there is a mandatory partnership with entity from Norway. No co-financing of the initiative is requested.

What is supported: any activities leading to creation or strengthening bilateral relations, enhancing cooperation and improving mutual knowledge and understanding between the Czech Republic and Donor states (Norway mandatorily), provided that both the applicant and the partner(s) are actively involved in planning of the initiative and its implementation.

Grant amount: min. 3 000 EUR (ca 75 000 CZK), max. 20 000 EUR (ca 500 000 CZK)


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