CSG capitalises neuroATLANTIC project primarily focused on non-invasive, early detection techniques for Alzheimer’s and stroke

24 August 2021

CSG is leading the capitalisation of the neuroATLANTIC project, which focuses on early detection of Alzheimer’s and stroke signals to save lives and increase the quality of life of European citizens. This project is driven not only for research companies or institutions. It also aims to find ways to take the know-how to the market with the cooperation of private companies capable of developing new products. If you’re interested, subscribe your company to the network and get access to partners, funding and more. 

The neuroATLANTIC network is funded to promote research and access of companies to its results in order to develop new solutions to improve the lives of patients with neurological diseases.

What does this mean?

This means CSG is looking for:

Companies and institutions interested in the results of the project to develop new solutions.

Companies and institutions willing to participate in new studies or development phase.

Active players able to use the Know How to bring new products to market.

CSG is looking to create an Atlantic network with strong and deep collaboration. 

Download the neuroATLANTIC dossier

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